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Free gift 'Spirit Embodied' Movement Medicine Class


I feel in my whole being that this time is an opportunity to re-asses the way we lead our lives. We have a chance to look at ourselves and to re-evaluate what is truly of significance in life. When we are faced with our dysfunction as humanity to live in harmony with Mother Nature and with all people, the only way we can truly re-build is to go within and to look closely at what is moving us. Is it our minds, our pain, our trauma, our collective consciousness? Or is it our Spirit, our Truth and our Heart Wisdom? How can we shed our skins and make our every thought, word and action count as a sacred act aligned with the footsteps already written out in the Stars? It's a choice, a commitment that we can each make no matter what our circumstances are. I'm always so humbled by people full of kindness and compassion even when life would suggest otherwise. The more so, I feel it's possible. The stronger I feel about taking responsibility for our healing, personally and collective.

Where do we find our assurance in times of uncertainty and how can we give it to another authentically?

We simply need to empty ourselves to become full with In'spirit'ation. The 'Art of Listening' is of utmost significance.

I'm offering you a free movement meditation, suitable for all you sisters and brothers, to bring the Spirit into the Body and to listen to the messages expressed in our physical sensations. I chose a simple to follow format so that you can easily integrate these practices into your daily lives in any length that serves you. The medicine can be quite imminent.

Please, let me know how it serves you.

Always in service to the Greater Good.

All my Love, Schirin

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