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Essence of the Feminine

Inside each woman is her Essence

that longs to dance the dance of flames and fire,

to dance the dance of stars in the night sky,

to dance the dance of wings soaring in the wind.

Under each of her footsteps a flower blossoms,

leaving a trail of beauty for the next to follow...

Schirin Chams-Diba Flower

Welcome Beloved,

I’m Schirin Chams-Diba, founder and your guide for ‘Essence of the Feminine™’ ~ Sacred Dance, Medicine & Mystical Arts’ as a key to unlock pathways towards Embodied Healing.

Remember, Reclaim & Redefine your Inherent Powers. 

You are a living, breathing ‘Mystery School’, a ‘Mystica’ full of inherent wild wisdom. Each moment unfurling your truth. 


I invite you to dance the ‘Dance of Life’, the ‘Dance of Creation’, the ‘Dance of the Feminine™’ with me.


I dream of a time when the Sacred Feminine is restored to its rightful place of wholeness and reverence. When women take up their space in the holistic wisdom councils of every aspect of life once more, I know humanity and the Earth to be healed. To this cause, I am unwaveringly committed. As a healing guide I serve Love, Balance, Truth, Beauty and Grace


As a teacher, I offer the fruits of my labour to the benefit of all. I have found my gifts only to give them away to the Greater Good. I'm here for YOU.

I’m also a world dance artist, Mystica, yogini and pilgrim of the world. I’ve followed the inner calling of my soul on a lifelong journey of learning ancient magic and the beauty way. My passion for wholeness has sparked me to acquire the skills to create true holistic wellbeing for those I work with.


Dance with me on this divinely feminine path towards healing, deep embodiment and spiritual integration through various pathways of the ‘Medicine of the Feminine™’.


I share from a space of embodied wisdom. We can only pass on effectively, what we practice ourselves. 


I’ve been initiated with a deep trust in myself and Spirit through immersion in the folkloric, esoteric, classical and healing arts, with my teachers in their homes around the globe.


I created 'Essence of the Feminine™ ~ Sacred Dance, Medicine & Mystical Arts as a key to unlock your Power for Embodied Healing' - a methodology to assist you to live your authentic, sovereign, spiritual, sanctified way of life. My approach blossomed from my own experiences as my own life has been a rich, full spectrum, colorful tapestry of life changing adventures, massive challenges, beautiful awakenings, endless blessings and deep love.