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Dance Artivism for WomanLifeFreedom part1

Only ten days until we come to the first anniversary of the murder of Mahsa Amini which was a catalyst for the ‘Jin Jiyan Azadi’ ‘Zan Zendegi Azadi’ ‘Woman Life Freedom’ movement in Iran.

Lets be clear, the struggle and dystopian horror in Iran has been actively going and destroying people’s lives, the environment, the state of the country’s thriving into decline for a good 45 years. None of it is new. It's just time for the world to know.

The people of Iran, my Mother-/Fatherland have suffered collective and personal trauma and pain that is unimaginable because any healthy person can’t come up with such events to be committed against anyone. My family, my friends, my community and compatriots …and myself… we all have stories that grip our hearts and hit hard. All of it also makes us stronger, more resilient and appreciative. We can come closer and cry and laugh together. We get it!

And so, the first few months last year brought up the collective and personal pain. I went through it for months! And it is good: all the sadness, grief, anger and outrage towards injustice. The question was always : what can I do to help?! As a matter of fact, I can offer my love for my heritage and keep the culture alive… for the love of my ancestors and Iranian world family.

I observed with awe the courage, valor and willingness to give all above and beyond, to sacrifice safety and even one’s own life in order to fight for the Sacred to be upheld. Woman Life Freedom stands for a way of life with freedom, dignity, opportunity, equality, safety, respect. Let life be lived well! Take care of one another and the environment!

It shows Truth vs. Lie. Love vs. hatred. I know eventually Love will always win... not if but when is the question...

If you’re in it for yourself, you loose. If you’re in it for the Greater Good… victory will come!

All I can say is that I am so deeply humbled and inspired by all who gave their life, gave up their safety, all who lost someone , all who have loved ones who have been hurt and scarred beyond belief.

You are all my heroes ! And in my Heart and Spirit, I will always stand with you!

Woman Life Freedom is about bringing back balance to humanity and to the Earth.

Photo from my Pain into Purpose Creation 'Ashka-ye-Eshgh Tears of Love' at @boomfestival in collaboration with Tara Chantelle Gomez (in photo) and Rita Fontes (in next post video)

Please, read the next post with the same video for the background story.

With love, Schirin

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