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What a beautiful and wild ride this life is...

Greetings, dear sisters around the globe!

Blessed 2021 to you.

The past two years have been a deep journey of unveiling for me as the Divine demands that I no longer keep limiting beliefs and defaults hidden in the deepest crevices of my consciousness. Everything is bubbling to the surface out of my pores.

I have been going through one ego-death after another. I graciously accept that this is a life long task and it serves the purpose for me to be of better service.

I am emptying myself to become full for giving. I laugh and I cry a lot, only to recognize how alive I am here with you!

I can make sense by creating along the Beauty Way of existence as an act of healing through art, love, dance, natural medicine and making moments that matter.

The Beauty Way is about bringing harmony to chaos through a re-set. The state of Beauty to defy the ugliness of the world.

Life demands me to be present with myself, my family, my community, my rites of passage. I am required to be in communion with this miraculous natural word around me. The present moment has become my best friend and ally. Listening and watching are my ever ripening super-powers.

I watch humanity with a sigh and the lesson that deep, honest compassion for all (including myself) is the only way through.

I find myself facing life reverentially on my knees with an attitude of gratitude for the Beauty Way and in humility given all the challenges that require strength from the core of our beings.

Can you relate? I have a strong sense that you do…

What I observe is that the paradox of truth is ever present which puts a smile on my face… actually giggles, even deep belly laughter. We are ever more required to find comfort in the unknown yet fully trust that which we know from deep within, our gnosis.

Our soul’s deepest callings actually respond to our destinies singing to us as an invitation to dance the ‘Dance of Life’, the ‘Dance with the Mystery’. The soul is ever ready and yearning for that which is drawing it towards itself- our inherent Truth.

Our bodies never lie. Let’s explore, express and re-iterate the language of our souls!

We are each a torch bearer for the truth of our hearts to guide the way. One light at a time, together!

I have been missing communication, sharing space and dancing with you. Enter the Temple and join me to re-write the story of our lives with our bodies' language!

Join us for a 6-Week Virtual ‘Dance of The Feminine’ Course, beginning Friday Feb 12th. Come along on a transformational journey.

Use the Code “BodyTemple” for $20 OFF the cost of enrollment.

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