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A new cycle has begun...

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Greetings Beloveds!

The cycle of endings and beginnings is in full motion as we enter the newness of 2020. Life consists of cycles upon cycles, our micro and macro cosms consisting of the same cyclical natures, reflected in the circle dance of the solar system as much as in the spiral dance of our very DNA. 

For many of us, myself including, this year has been a full spectrum experience of some of the most blissful and most painful lessons of life. Many of us came into a magnified confrontation with the inner patternings that do us disservice in such an intense way that we can only let go of it, as repeating these patterns is just too painful. We experienced ‘death’ in order to live. Can you feel me here?

There is a lot to this Capricorn season which with its Saturnian quality draws us into introspection and revisitation of all that is worth holding onto. We are cleaning up our inner home in order to re-structure with only what has continuous true meaning to us. We let go of the rusty and outworn.  Then we feel into the New Dawn of Aquarius with its liberating Uranian energies to give innovation, re-invention, growth and thriving to only that which supports our True Selves. It’s in the air, it can be felt.

The past, present and future exist as much in this sequence as they co-exist at once in our timeless experience. We need to know where we come from in order to know where we are going. Where do we come from? The Earth, the Stars, our families, our homes, our own multiplicity of lives lived? Thats for you to answer.

I know I come from the Divine, made in the image of the Creative Energy vessels (as all of us are). And so it is through connecting with the Forces of this Cosmos, the Elements, Mother Earth, and especially my own Body Vessel where I receive the recharge, the healing, the ‘answers’, the knowingness. With my whole body I commune with all that is Nature, I dance, I pray, I move, I commit a sacred act- a ritual, I envision, I honor and I commit myself to service. Our gifts are part of the Greater Creation cycle, and only when we offer these up to something outside of just ourselves do we truly participate in all of Creation’s destiny, thus fulfilling our own purpose. 

And so I invite you to dance the ‘Dance of Creation’, this Prayer Ritual Sacred Dance with me.  I was blessed with dolphins and whales in my sight on this first sunrise of 2020. Every time I see these creatures that offer their songs to our world, I extend their song as a prayer of love and healing. My tree ally offers anchorage and backbone on these uneven, curvaceous grounds.

Join me: ~Dropping into our breath, into our bodies, we open up the inner channel between Earth and the Sky. We empty ourselves so that we become full.  ~ Spiraling to the East, the air, our visions, hopes, dreams and minds, we offer our medicine to this direction and receive the blessings the East has for us. ~ Spiraling to the South, the fire, our higher passion and desires, transformation, higher will acting through us, we offer our medicine to this direction and receive all the blessings back from South. ~ Spiraling to the West, the water, our emotions, our creative well, our fluidity, we offer our medicine to this direction and receive the blessings the West has for us. ~ Spiraling to the North, the earth, our solidity, our standing place, obstacles, we offer our medicine to this direction and receive the blessings the North has for us. ~ We alchemize all these energies by spiraling towards our hearts, knowing that our tree ally, deeply rooted takes us back to where there is no beginning and no end.

May the balance of the elements be restored within me. May the balance of the elements be restored in the world. And so it is ~*~ Please, write to me how this was for you. Do you have your own rituals? Please, share them with me.  ​With love,


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