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From Courage to Fearlessness

Greetings my friends,

I hold you all so dear, all the souls who have touched my heart throughout my life. There is so much worth living for. Your unique beings have enriched my life to the nth degree. Thank you. I hold you within the limitless, vast space in my Heart.

I hold all dear, fully aware of the souls who are having a hard time, many the hardest of times. I pray that our powers combined can lift the state of injustice in the world to a state of equilibrium in the truest sense. We have so much work to do, chipping away at the misalignment within and without. I’m right there with you. All we need is already inside of us, it’s present in the bounty of Mother Nature and the Wisdom of Spirit.

‘Ok, so we already know that you have a lot of courage. Its time to move to fearlessness’ were the words my spiritual teacher spoke to me. Wow! But how?!? I had to go on a journey of discovery...

Friends, fear and insecurity are natural to our humanness. They can’t be simply eradicated but transformed. Thankfully, in the presence of fear, we have the ability to muster up courage and the source of it is in our hearts. Courage from Latin cor (heart) . I’ve seen it over and over again in all sorts of people, in animals, in such touching ways that have given me the strength to muster up mine. Stories of “inspiration”. Our vulnerabilities are always our strengths at the same time. Truth is a paradox. Simultaneously, there is unity to be found where the paradox is integrated. We are Spirits on a human journey in these bodies on this Earth. It is through the connection with our Spirits where we can find that fearlessness. We all have these moments of truth, of a deep state of knowing that show us the fearlessness of our Spirits. We are resilient, adaptable beings. Our breath in-“spirits” us, our bodies communicating it’s truth through subtle and very obvious sensations. Do you know that visceral intuition and where do you feel it in your body? And what about various ways of gut and heart guidance? Where do they really come from? From our connection to our Higher Selves, our Spirits.

We are all in the same boat here. We can in”spire” each other. Bit by bit we become more and more fearless.

We can meet our fears face on, name them and own them so that they can’t own us. The humility of this admission to ourselves is pure strength lived. We all have it. At some point, its a choice. Maybe, the ‘right moment’ will never come. It always comes down to our free willed choice. With our Spirits, we can look at our human fears and simply love and embrace them, integrate them. They are energies, stories of our collective as well as our ancestral and individual journeys.

I’m right there with you. Sometimes, my fear can be paralyzing. And the breath is the Reminder of Freedom.

Remember what the strongest medicine of all feels like: LOVE. Remember what Grace and Truth feel like. How they empower, how they clarify, how they give us wings. How they can influence our beings, thoughts, actions and choices. How they can influence harmony, balance and equilibrium.

This takes some effort. It’s ok. Keep breathing… keep listening to all the signs inside and around you.

We are in times where we are confronted with so much ‘not knowing’. That can be scary. I, too, have so many fears, especially for my loved ones, deep fear of failure. Phew… taking a deep breath here. Puffff…oh there you go fear… so long… I know you might return. It’s ok… I will face you over and over. And I will look at you from my Spirit.

Fear not, life and death belong together. This is but a speck of time. What if by listening our inner guidance, we are exactly where we need to be… no matter what happens? What if by following our inner compass navigated by our Spirits, we are where we need to be in the face of all that just ‘IS’? We have the power to change everything within our power, and to accept what we cannot change. Our Spirits help us discern.

What when we are fine with not having all the answers, but knowing in our cells through our gnosis, what must be done (including not done) each moment at a time?

What if thus a vision for the Greater Good unfolds as something new yet so ancient? It's all here already.

In these times, where it's clear more than ever that we affect everything and everyone with our thoughts, actions and choices… choose wisely, dear friend. For there are many choices, also many distortions to choose from that seduce with a false sense of safety. Remember what Truth feels like!

There are so many tools to help us REMEMBER, RECLAIM & REDEFINE.

It’s clear as daylight that NOW is the time for that.

I’m sending you love and understanding. Dear friends, I go through my own waves in my humble humanness on this journey. But we owe it to the gift of life to show up for one another. These countless ways to do so are limitless and they will reveal themselves in every moment to be/to come. When you’re shown, serve that revelation.

Dance the dance of receptivity and action as they are needed. Recharge and give. Intuit and intellectualize wisely. Use both your wings to fly!!!

I feel so loved and accepted as I am with all my perfect imperfections, my flaws and my glory by the people in my life. That’s true wealth! I know that you, too, are loved no matter what and where you’re at. And that you can love like that, no matter what.

Remember that even fear is just energy and can be transformed in simple yet profound ways.

I’d love to hear about your tools to connect with your Spirit and to embrace your humanness.

Over the next few days, I will share some of my tools with you: Sacred Dance, Movement Medicine, Herbs, etc.

I hope you and your beloveds are healthy & safe.

Love & Gratitude, Schirin

Oh and…Pssssttt…. Remember that the original word ‘Corona’ is the name for that beautiful ring around the Sun: our life giving planet, carrier of all life force, generous, rising and setting every single day guaranteed 😉

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